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Holiday Cleaning

by Ryan Rackley December 25, 2019

Holiday Cleaning

Holidays are a time for family and friends. Typically, this time period involves a lot of preparation for celebrations and guests. And, that means getting your house cleaned before, during, and after the festivities.

For any host, organizing and cleaning can be daunting and exhausting. Just like any task, you will need proper planning to ensure that cleaning is efficient and no effort is wasted. When you have everything, from the basics to deep-cleaning, planned out, you will not miss any spot uncleaned.

Here is your holiday cleaning checklist.

Preparing Before the Holiday

The key to painless cleaning during holidays is to start early. It does not have to be any major cleaning, but vacuuming daily a week or so before the holidays will save you time and effort when things get busy.

  • First, declutter your things. It is a significant waste of your time if you have to move your things from room to room, especially when you are deep cleaning. You can start by slowly putting things in their proper places. Clothes and shoes should be in closets and drawers. If you have kids, this is the perfect time to assign chores.
  • Walls and windows are easy places to start. You can do some light cleaning the weekend before the holidays. Prepare your all-around cleaning solution and some water for light scrubbing of walls. You can use glass cleaners that also protects your windows so its fresh, clean look will last longer than the holidays.
  • Keep the right products at hand. Shopping during holidays is chaotic at best. And, you do not want to be running to the supermarket just for a bottle of cleaning solution. Start including cleaning materials and tools in your shopping least way before the holidays. Consider products that come in bundles to save you time during shopping, such as the Touch of Oranges packages. Opt for bright colors to add more life to the area.


The kitchen is probably one of the busiest areas in your house. This is especially true during holidays with all the preparations and cooking. That is why you have to condition the kitchen to handle all these activities without accumulating a mess.

The first thing that you want to do is empty your fridge. It is to prepare for all the groceries and food that you will be keeping during the holidays. If you are a food hoarder, check the expiration date of the condiments, old vegetables in the crisper, and other leftovers that you may need to get rid of. That way, you can make room for the new holiday leftovers.

Your kitchen is also home to surfaces that attract stains and grime. Holiday cleaning is the perfect time to condition these cooking surfaces. Properly caring for these surfaces reduces the possibility of stains. It also makes it easier to clean.

Reseal granite surfaces, especially on countertops. You may also want to do the same if you have wooden boards or butcher blocks. Furthermore, your stovetop can use the needed deep cleaning, so you do not end up with accumulated sludge during the holiday cooking.

Of course, you need to wipe down all of your kitchen appliances. Fingerprints and stains are easily noticeable, especially on glossy surfaces such as your fridge. You do not need any dedicated products to do this. Just use a clean rag and all-purpose kitchen cleaning solution. Make sure to dry the surface off with a microfiber cloth to avoid leaving any ugly layer of residue.


You probably have a regular cleaning routine for your bathroom, and you should continue to do so. Start early by applying acid-based cleaner on your bathtub and toilet bowl You can let it soak overnight if you have any serious buildup. Just make sure that you let your family know not to use the toilet for the time being.

Next, scrub the shower floor and walls using an all-purpose cleaner. You can also use a microfiber cloth to remove any hard water stains on the shower stall. Of course, do not forget to do the same in the vanity area and the mirror. Throwout any product containers or, better yet, store them in a drawer or cabinet.


If you are already doing your holiday cleaning, you might as well include your bedroom as well. While you may probably not let guests in your own bedroom, but if they are staying in your guest bedroom, make sure that everything is well organized.

Put your clothes away in your closet rather than leaving them out. It might also be a good time to do you laundry. Freshen up your mattresses by leaving a thin layer of baking soda to absorb moisture and musty odor. Let it sit for a couple of hours, then vacuum.

 Holiday cleaning need not be a Herculean task. With proper planning and the right tools, you can clean every corner of your home before the guests start arriving. It is also a perfect family bonding and a great way to teach your kids the value of doing chores.

Ryan Rackley
Ryan Rackley


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