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Without the right tools, dusting and mopping can get messy. Using traditional rags or mops in doing chores just sends the dust or dirt flying around. Worse, they trigger allergies. But with the best dusters and mops, cleaning can actually be fun and easy!

Thanks to new technology, we have discovered much more convenient and efficient cleaning tools so you won't have to suffer. After all, household cleaning is best when it doesn't take up much of our time and sweat.

Here at Touch of Oranges, you'll find the highest quality Microfiber Mops, Chenille Mop Heads, Dusters, Chenille Scrubbers and Chamois, among others.

Check out the rest of the items and find out what best suits your needs. Enjoy cleaning! 

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What makes our microfibers durable?

The chenilles and microfibers are all machine-washable, making them easy to maintain. At the same time, they are not tough to wash under running water. In fact, they are durable enough to withstand multiple washings.
A microfiber material is made up of very small, thin, and light strands, making it soft and non-abrasive yet durable. They may be gentle on surfaces but don't be fooled, these strands can trap or "magnetize" dust, dirt, pet dander, cobwebs, or pollen.
Do you want to eliminate or minimize dust lying or flying around your house? Then try our microfiber and chenille dusting products!
Our amazing dusters can be either manually handheld or attached to a rod that extends up to 13 feet (also known as telescopic duster). Depending on your choice and need, you can now clean often-neglected areas such as ceilings, chandeliers, ceiling fans, walls, curtain rods, and vertical blinds with the same ease and efficiency.

They also come in varying shapes to serve varying purposes. Here are a few examples:
  • Blue Microfiber Duster's elongated shape can reach higher places in the house. When attached to an extended pole, it can reach areas as high as 20 feet.
  • Microfiber Cobweb Duster's contoured shape and soft bristles can efficiently remove cobwebs and dust from window screens.
  • Chenille Bendable Duster has a bendability feature that makes it easy to reach and clean ceiling fans, shelves, beams, ledges, and other hard-to-reach areas.

How to clean high ceiling without a ladder?

Do you want to dust your ceiling fan but can't reach it? How about those dusty ceiling beams? Those dangling cobwebs you can't reach? Or those unreachable light fixtures? You can take the usual way by using a ladder and do your cleaning. Or you can take the easy way with our Telescopic Rod and Extension Magnetic Duster! By connecting the Magnetic Duster to the Telescopic Rod, you can reach as high as 20 ft. up without using a ladder. Just charge up the Magnetic Duster by rubbing it to any cloth, attach it to the extending Telescopic Rod, and reach those high dusty places from the floor. With the Magnetic Duster, it attracts dust like no other - none of those dust falling in your face.

Check the video below to learn more how to clean those unreachable high places!