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Touch Of Oranges Large Set

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This large kit contains everything you need to professionally manage wood cleaning and protection. Save money when you purchase this combination of our two most popular wood care products instead of ordering them individually.

Wood Care, Wood Furniture Cleaner

Protect your dry and damaged wood for years to come. A wood care product that rejuvenates and brings life back into your treasured wood pieces. Great for damaged kitchen cabinets, antiques, furniture. Great wood furniture cleaner, wood table cleaner, teak wood cleaner, wood cabinet cleaner.

Our Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner and Re-conditioner is a moisturizing cleaner made with orange oil. Protects against drying and cracking and contains no silicone or wax which can cause buildup. It hides minor scratches on wood, is gentle on hands and has a pleasant orange fragrance. Use for dusting all wood surfaces, including Hardwood Floors.

Follow up with our Touch of Beeswax Wood Preserver, this product restores and renews all types of wood finishes with Beeswax, Carnauba Wax and Orange Oil. Beeswax feeds into the wood to penetrate dry, dull, moisture and sun damaged surfaces leaving a nice shine. Take a look at this blog and see the benefits beeswax can have on you wood. It's Amazing!

Use the Touch Of Oranges as your wood flooring cleaner, wood furniture cleaner, wood floor restorer. Great for all your wood surfaces.

Family of Fine Cleaning Products | Touch of Oranges

Family of Fine Cleaning Products

Touch Of Oranges a family owned business since 1986, has been developing and manufacturing cleaning products around the world. Cleaning products gentle enough for the home owner, however effective enough for cleaning professionals.

Our wood care line of products will not only clean kitchen cabinets and hardwood floors, but also protect your cherished wood antique surfaces from drying and cracking in the future.

For treatment on your glass and tile, our company has developed one of the most effective hard mineral and stain removers on the market today. Distributed and private labeled for the retail and commercial market for companies all around the world.


How To Give Your Granite Counter top The Care It Deserves

by Ryan Rackley August 01, 2017

So you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a stunning granite countertop for your kitchen. Of course, it’s well worth the money. After all, you’ve been told it’s stain resistant, water resistant, scratch resistant and heat resistant. In fact, it’s one of the hardest, most durable rocks on the earth. So surely it demands no maintenance. Unfortunately that’s not strictly true. Even the toughest things need care, especially when they’re subjected to regular abuse from cooking oil, red wine and burger grease. Cleaning stains on granite is particularly tricky and shows the specialist attention that this surface demands. But to find out how best to approach seasonal care and daily cleaning so as to maintain that ‘brand new’ look, read on

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The Best Orange Wood Cleaner

by Ryan Rackley July 08, 2017

If you are really looking to clean and revitalize old wood furniture and antiques, what you need is the best orange wood cleaner on the market. Touch Of Oranges has a unique formula that penetrates the wood surface and pull years of grime and buildup from deep within the wood.

The most effective way to use the product is to combine the wood cleaner spray with 0000 steel wool. This allows you to get deep in the grains of the wood where the dirt and buildup settle. 

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Upholstery Cleaning Drill Brushes

by Ryan Rackley May 31, 2017

Not only are these brushes great for auto use, they are awesome around the house. Say you spill red wine on the carpet and you are able to scrub away most of the stain. That is where the drill brushes come in.

Spray the area down with some spot cleaner (Husky Spot Cleaner) I have found to be the most effective. Next attach the drill brush to your cordless drill. Slowly engage the drill on a low speed then increase the speed.

Keep the stained area rather moist while using the drill.

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Why Kitchens Are Vulnerable to Cold and Mold

by Ryan Rackley February 01, 2017

Wood furniture, floors, surfaces and suites bring a prestigious yet natural, classic look to your kitchen. Unfortunately, they are more prone to the effects of winter than any other material. With the wet and cold coming around, the porous nature of wood attracts mold.
The good news is that preventing your wood from becoming moldy is easily achieved with a bit of care, attention and awareness around how mold creeps into the home. Alongside implementing regular wood cleaning techniques, there are a few things to consider to keep your wood mold-free

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