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Family of Fine Cleaning Products | Touch of Oranges

Family of Fine Cleaning Products

Touch Of Oranges a family owned business since 1986, has been developing and manufacturing cleaning products around the world. Cleaning products gentle enough for the home owner, however effective enough for cleaning professionals.

Our wood care line of products will not only clean kitchen cabinets and hardwood floors, but also protect your cherished wood antique surfaces from drying and cracking in the future.

For treatment on your glass and tile, our company has developed one of the most effective hard mineral and stain removers on the market today. Distributed and private labeled for the retail and commercial market for companies all around the world.


4 Preservation Tips For Your Wooden Antique

by Ryan Rackley August 14, 2019

Wooden antique furniture, like old wine, is more valuable with age. It also carries with it distinct design and craftsmanship that may no longer exist today. It is no surprise then that we take extra steps to preserve our antique pieces more than we do our modern furniture.

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Freshen Up Your Furniture With Orange Oil-Based Wood Cleaner

by Ryan Rackley August 05, 2019

Whether as a flavor, a scent, or a body care product additive, trust orange to brighten things up. But unknown to many, orange--in its oil form--is also a highly effective wood polish and cleaner

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