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Semi Pro Cleaning Kit

Try Our Bring It On Cleaner Semi Pro Cleaner Kit for fast and effective cleaning. This Kit will make your cleaning life much easier in the long run. You get 32oz or 16oz of the Bring It On Cleaner, and three of our new amazing drill brushes. These reusable brushes will cut through mold, mildew and even hard water stains. Use them to clean tile and grout, sinks, bathtubs, showers, clean your windows and outdoor furniture, just about everywhere you can think of. Did I mention that they are reusable!!!!! Save big money when you buy this reusable set!

Brushes and Pads: We are offering these brushes and pads to our customers to help them with some of the toughest areas of cleaning, these tools are to be attached to any home drill, wet the surface to be cleaned, add Bring It On Cleaner to the surface, attach brush or pads to the drill and clean surface, rinse with clean water.

Red Flat Brush: Use on Tile & Grout and flat surfaces, great for outside cleaning stone, tile, water fountains.

Red & Black Round Brush: Rounded brush helps to reach the tough areas in the shower, corners, faucets, drains. Round Pads Blue & Red: Use on tough hard water stains, shower doors, tile, fiberglass, sinks, toilets, outside windows.

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