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Clean your kitchen cabinets, hardwood floors, clean all your antiques!

Try our Touch Of Oranges Wood Cleaner and Touch of Beeswax Wood Preserver for all your wood care needs.

Our amazing wood cleaner and restorer takes old shabby dull wood and completely revitalizes it. This product is not like a lemon oil, Touch of Oranges is formulated specifically as a cleaner for wooden furniture! No residue left behind that gives your beloved furniture that dull look!  
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Use our amazing Beeswax Preserver after using the wood cleaner to protect and enhance that wood finish. Touch of Beeswax Wood Preserver penetrates directly into the wood to eliminate dry, dull, moisture and sun damaged surfaces, leaving a wonderful lustrous, warm shine. It's the type of shine that professional home decorators and antique dealers dream of!

Learn how to clean and protect your outdoor wood furniture! Check our video below:

Touch Of Oranges Wood Cleaner

Our wood cleaner is made from orange oil, not like the popular lemon oil. Not only does our cleaner leaves wonderful orange smell to your furniture, it also does not leave any residue behind - unlike lemon oil. Not only does it remove dust, dirt and other impurities from your wooden furniture, it also moisturizers them. Moisturizing your wooden furniture gave them a newer look and prevents cracks from developing in the long run. You can use our wood cleaner for all wood surface - wooden floors, cabinets, chairs, desk and more. It can also be used for wooden furniture you keep outdoor! Just apply our Wood Preserver after applying the wood cleaner to protect it from the outdoor elements.

Touch Of Beeswax Wood Preserver

The Touch of Beeswax Wood Preserver is a perfect natural alternative to synthetic wood preserver such as varnish. This food safe wood polish will help protect the color of your wood, seal it from unwanted stains, and keep it from drying out and cracking. It is a perfect substitute to the commercial varnishes that contain harsh chemicals that are usually use in furniture. With the Beeswax Wood Preserver, not only that there is no more strong odors from the chemicals that lead to indoor pollution even long after the varnish dried, you also get a fresh orange scent.

Howard Butcher Block Conditioner

Howard Butcher Block Conditioner will keep your wooden butcher blocks, wooden spoons, cutting boards and similar wooden items in good condition by keeping them from drying, cracking, and unwanted bacteria. Our food-safe formulation will keep your wooden kitchen items in good condition, It is composed of good grade mineral oil - to penetrate the surface and keep it hydrated, and beeswax that keeps it water-proof.