Touch Of Oranges Wood Cleaner

Our amazing wood cleaner and restorer takes old shabby dull wood and completely revitalizes it. This product is not like a lemon oil, Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner is a cleaner for wood! No residue left behind!

Use the Touch Of Oranges as a wood furniture cleaner, wood table cleaner, wood flooring cleaner, wood cabinet cleaner. This wood furniture cleaner will bring life back into your dry and damaged wood. Leaves a wonderful orange oil smell behind. 

Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner & Re-conditioner is a moisturizing orange cleaner made with orange oil. Protects against drying and cracking, contains no silicone or wax which can cause buildup. Wood surfaces treated with Touch of Oranges glow! We highly recommend using 0000 Steel Wool, when cleaning and preserving your wood projects. Do not use Steel Wool on high gloss finishes, like Cherry or Mahogany, Black Lacquer surfaces.

Wood Care, Wood Furniture Cleaner

Suggested Uses:

  • Wood Furniture Cleaner: removes old wax, wood polish, lemon oils, smudges and fingerprints
  • Kitchen Cabinets: removes grease, grime and years of build-up fingerprints.
  • Hardwood Floors: cleans and moisturizes, spray the dust mop once or twice with the cleaner and dust.
  • Antique Furniture Restoration: removes years of build-up grime, leaves wood residue free
  • Use on: appliances, stove tops, vinyl, black lacquer finishes and pianos.

After using the Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner follow up with Touch Of Beeswax Wood Preserver, this restores and renews all types of wood finishes with Beeswax, Carnauba Wax and Orange Oil. Beeswax feeds into the wood to penetrate dry, dull, lifeless wood, repairs moisture and sun damaged surfaces leaving a nice shine.

For antique furniture restoration follow up with the Touch Of Beeswax wood preserver.

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