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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

by Vicki Lewis December 30, 2019

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are timeless classics when it comes to flooring options. It enhances any living space in value and aesthetics. This type of flooring is known to be strong and durable. When maintained regularly, you can enjoy your hardwood floors for years to come.

However, you need to take extra care of your floor when you have a busy home. Daily maintenance is especially necessary when you have kids or pets. The dust, debris, and dirt that you bring from the outside can take a toil on this type of floor.

Dirty and messy floors are not only unsightly but can be damaging to the wood. When left without proper maintenance, they can be expensive to refinish, repair, or worse, replace.

Depending on the wood material of your floor and your lifestyle, you may need to maintain them in very specific ways. Laminated, composite, and solid wood floors require different methods and products to last long.

However, there are some common tips that you should keep in mind when cleaning and maintaining your hardwood floors.

Choose Proper Cleaning Tools

At the very least, you should have cleaning tools reserved for your hardwood floors.  Regularly vacuuming is essential to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating too much. If you do not have much time to clean, investing in a robot vacuum is a great idea. It can clean your room while the rest of your family is away going about their day.

If a robot vacuum is still out of the budget, a microfiber dust mop is a good substitute. It picks up particles right off your floor much quicker than regular mops. They are also cheap and readily available in your supermarket's cleaning section. You can also buy mops with replaceable mop heads. Refills are usually available in packs and are typically inexpensive. However, they are easily washable, so you do not have to replace them often. This makes it a great eco-friendly cleaning solution, as well.

Furthermore, microfiber mops are much gentler on your floor, unlike some vacuums. It is a versatile option as it can clean other surfaces such as vinyl, linoleum, marble, and more. Just make sure that you can replace the mop heads, so you do not bring dirt from one part of your house to another.

Invest in Natural and Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Aside from cleaning tools, cleaning products is another essential in your cleaning closet. Many products contain chemicals that are not only harmful to your floor but your family as well. Furthermore, some chemicals release fumes that can have significant health effects when used for a long time.

Vinegar is a great do-it-yourself option for hardwood floors. It is natural, inexpensive, and safe. You can mix a solution of a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar and a gallon of warm water. It not only cleans the wood but disinfects your floor as well. If you do not have an apple cider in your cupboard, you can use a cup of white vinegar with the same amount of warm water.

The problem with vinegar is the smell. You need to let it set then rinse the excess to remove the strong smell. Great options are wood cleaning and preserving products from a Touch of Oranges. These products take worn out and dull wood floors and revitalize it. The solutions do not leave any residue behind.

Enhance the effect of the cleaning products with Touch Of Orange's Beeswax Preserver. It penetrates deeply into the wood, which eliminates damages caused by dirt or the sun. The wax preserver leaves a warm and lustrous shine that also protects the surface from further damages.

Whether you are using a DIY method or a tested product, you may want to avoid using too much water during cleaning. Using too much liquid will seep into the wood. It may also remove the finish that protects the floor surface. 


Long-Term Cleaning Routines

Aside from daily vacuuming or mopping and the weekly general cleaning, you may also want to schedule a monthly and a yearly cleaning process.

Polishing your floor every couple of months is great to clean and reinforce protection on the surface of the wooden floor. It renews the quality of the floor while adding a layer of protection. Applying wax preserver, just as mentioned above, fills the tiny scratches on the wood fibers. The polish will even out the surface, which rejuvenates its fresh quality.

If you want to keep your floors for years without having to replace it, consider deep wood cleaning every three to five years. You can hire professionals to sand and refinish your floor. This removes the old protective finish, and you can have it replaced with a new one. Additionally, if your floor sustained gouges or deep scratches, sanding can effectively remove it. This will give you practically an entirely new floor every few years without actually replacing them.

Prevent Damages Before They Happen

Your daily routines and activities will dictate how you should clean and maintain your hardwood floors. Preventing potential damages is way better than dealing with them. Cleaning products and preservers can only do so much. So, keep the following in mind:

  • Use protective mats and rugs. These basic measures will make removing dust or dirt much easier than mopping. Also, the protective coverings need not cover the entirety of your floor. After all, you chose hardwood floors for a reason. You can strategically place mats and rugs in entrances and hallways. Note that you may want to avoid rubber-backed ones s these can trap moisture and damage the floor.
  • Avoid soap-based cleaners and steam cleaners. Soap leaves a film of residue which can be hard to remove over time. Steam cleaners apply heat and excess water into the floor, which may cause cupping and permanent damages.


Cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors need not be complicated. Daily maintenance is as easy as vacuuming any dirt or dust to prevent dull floors. Additionally, using proper cleaning and preserving solutions specifically designed for wooden surfaces will provide an extra layer of protection from dulling and damages.

Vicki Lewis
Vicki Lewis


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