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Sun Shield Outdoor Furniture Wax

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Direct sunlight and weather can be murder on beautiful outdoor wooden furniture. And you certainly don't want to have faded, white & grey furniture when you are having the neighbors over for a barbecue!

Sun Shield is specifically developed to keep your outdoor wood looking great and protected.

Sun Shield protects and beautifies all types of wood: teak, cypress, cedar, redwood, wicker, pine, oak, rattan and many more.

Sun Shield protects your tropical hardwoods and outdoor furniture from the damaging ultraviolet rays that can cause cracking, drying, oxidizing and greying. Even when your outdoor furniture is exposed to sun, hot, cold, rain, temperatures and moisture, the wood retains that glow that makes you a proud owner.

Sun Shield combines UV inhibitors with a unique blend of Carnauba Wax, Beeswax and Orange Oil to enhance the natural beauty and depth of grain in outdoor wood furniture.

This distinctively blended product is effective at penetrating and replenishing natural oils in outdoor wood and furniture.

Sun Shield should be used regularly and whenever outdoor furniture looks faded, grey, moisture damaged and dry.

Boats: Sun Shield protects against sun, moisture, water damage, greying, dry wood surfaces and preserves the wood for years to come! Regular oils that some boat owners use are no more than mineral oils! This has no beneficial long term positive effect on the wood! Sun Shield feeds into the dry damaged wood up to 1/4 inches at times to seal in the natural waxes and oil with UV protecting for long lasting results for years to come.

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