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MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth

Amazing microfiber technology traps dirt without chemicals. Great Quality for our customers!

"Grime Fighter" Microfiber technology uses millions of tiny fibers to trap dirt and dust, without chemicals!

Touch of Oranges "Grime Fighter" Cleaning Cloths use the smallest diameter fibers available on the market today. These fibers use a wedge-shaped polyester filaments wrapped around a nylon core to create crevices that trap dirt and grime.

Use this micro fiber with the Ultimate Hard Surface Cleaner which will help remove streaks and fingerprints. 

This results in a cloth that cleans four times more effectively than normal cloth, and dries in one-third the time!

The microfiber channels lift and capture dirt and stains that would normally require solvents or other chemicals.

Use on any surface: glass, tile, linoleum, ceramic, corian, granite, marble, mirrors, stainless steel. Use on any equipment: video, DVD, CD, stereo, camera, PC and monitor. Great for silver, crystal, brass, copper.

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