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Bring It On Cleaner and Protect Shield

Bring It On Cleaner is a water spot remover guaranteed to quickly and easily remove water spots and hard water stains or your money back. You can have beautiful glass and tile again in no time when you use Bring-It-ON cleaner for your tough cleaning problems. Great fiberglass cleaner, rust remover, calcium lime remover, fireplace glass cleaner, glass stove top cleaner.

This combination package contains one 16oz, or 32oz bottle of Bring It On Cleaner for tough cleaning jobs, and one 16-oz bottle of Pro-Tect Shield for keeping mineral deposits and scum off surfaces. Protect Shield will make the water sheet off your glass and tile surfaces for up to two months. Treat your shower area once a month and outside windows 2 to 3 time per year.

Tile Glass Care, Shower Glass Cleaner, Fiberglass Cleaner

What Sets Us Apart from other hard water stain removers? What is the difference in our product? I’m glad you asked! Bring It On Cleaner has a formula like no other, we have added the power of an Oxygen Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, this helps to disinfect, deodorizes, helps to remove mold and mildew. Remove years of unwanted stains on fiberglass, shower pans, glass shower doors, clean tile and grout, clean shower glass, remove coffee and tea stains, but gentle enough for cleaning windows, windshields, even granite counter tops!

Bring It On will work on almost all hard surfaces and is a glass top stove cleaner, fireplace glass cleaner, fiberglass tub cleaner, fiberglass boat cleaner, calcium lime remover, fountain cleaner.

Apply the Cleaning Product to a mild scratch pad and use circular motions. Work in sections when cleaning shower doors, fiberglass tubs, glass stove tops, automotive glass, and other hard surfaces.

Try the Bring It On Cleaner with our Amazing Bring It On Drill Brushes.

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