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Drill Pads

 New Bring It On Scrubbing Drill Pads to help elevate all of your difficult scrubbing. These Drill Pads are recommended for shower doors, windows, sinks, tubs, toilets, tile and grout. These brushes will  even remove rust and oxidation from metals and other surfaces. After doing many trade shows and demonstrations with the Bring It On Cleaner, we found that it would be extremely helpful to have something to assist in all the scrubbing that we were doing.

This is the solution to your problems. These pads allow you to clean a much larger area in a much shorter time period. Imagine the amount of arm rotations that you would have to do in order to accomplish what the Scrubbing Drill Pads are able to do.
Attach the Drill Pads to a household drill. Place the Bring It On Cleaner on the surface to be cleaned and let the drill pads do the scrubbing for you.

This set comes with four drill pads, two blue and two red

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