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Extension Rod & Blue Extension Duster, Extend 18-20 feet

  • Extension Rod and Extension Duster, Duster Extension, Cleaning High Ceilings, Cathedral Ceilings, Ceiling Fans, Book Shelves, Curtain Rods, Micro Fiber Duster, Pest Control Duster, Duster, Computer Duster
  • U.S. Duster Co. Bendable Duster with telescoping handle, clean cobwebs, clean hard to reach places, fans, shelves, beams.
  • How we calculate 20 feet, Duster and Extension height 12 feet extended, add your height plus arm length and and have about 20 feet reach Extension Rod reach up to 18-20 feet, Picks up the lightest dust and dirt
  • Nylon Micro Fiber Duster Combo Kit. Attach to extension pole and clean up to 20 foot ceilings. Commercial grade long lasting strong. Threaded nozzle that will also attach to a paint roller.
  • Duster with extension pole cobweb duster rod, 3 section extension
  • For more Information visit www.usdustercompany.com

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