Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner

Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner
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Our amazing wood cleaner and restorer takes old shabby dull wood and completely revitalizes it. This product is not like a lemon oil, Touch of Oranges is a cleaner for wood! No residue left behind!

This product comes in two sizes: 128-ounce and 32-ounce.

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Product Description
Product Description
Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner & Re-conditioner is a moisturizing orange cleaner made with orange oil. Protects against drying and cracking, contains no silicone or wax which can cause buildup. Wood surfaces treated with Touch of Oranges glow! We highly recommend using 0000 on Wood Surfaces, when Cleaning and Preserving your wood projects. Do not use Steel Wool on high gloss finishes, like Cherry or Mahogany surfaces.

Suggested Uses:
  • Wood Surfaces: removes old wax, wood polish, lemon oils, smudges and fingerprints
  • Kitchen Cabinets: removes grease, grime and years of build-up fingerprints.
  • Hardwood Floors: cleans and moisturizes, spray the dust mop once or twice with the cleaner and dust.
  • Antiques: removes years of build-up grime, leaves wood residue free
  • Use on: appliances, stove tops, vinyl, black lacquer finishes and pianos.
After using the Touch of Oranges cleaner follow up with the Touch of Beeswax Wood Preserver, this restores and renews all types of wood finishes with beeswax, Carnauba wax and orange oil. Beeswax feeds into the wood to penetrate dry, dull, lifeless wood, repairs moisture and sun damaged surfaces leaving a nice shine.

Hardwood Floors: Spray the bottom of a dust mop or Micro Fiber Mop once or twice and dust the surface of the floor. No slippery surfaces from wax or silicone residue! Once every two weeks damp mop to remove any build-up dirt or spots. Try to keep the water off the floor as much as possible.

To view a PDF version of the print brochure for Touch of Oranges and Touch of Beeswax, click here.
-Orange oil base

-One spray is all you need to dust the whole room

-One quart covers 1000 square feet

-No oil residue

-No silicone
-Simple to use

-No dangerous caustic fumes

-Saves you time

-No gloves

-No complicated and messy mixing

-Clean fragrance
"Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner and Reconditioner is an orange wood cleaner that hides minor scratches on wood, gentle on hands and has a pleasant orange fragrance. This is what I use for dusting all my fine furniture and antiques." - World renowned antique appraiser Frank Farmer Loomis from the Antiques Road Show, author of "Secrets to Affordable Antiques"

-"Wonderful product! My housekeepers are now using Touch Of Oranges in their own homes! It was my Christmas gift to them this year and they were thrilled." Sandra Canton, GA.

-"One spray on my micro fiber mop to dust my hardwood floors daily!" Betty, Reno, NV

-"I have used the Touch of Oranges wood cleaner for years with great satisfaction, my kitchen cabinets look like new and they are 26 years old."

-"I have wood floors that are very old, antique old! I used the Touch of Oranges to clean them, then the Touch of Beeswax to restore the finish, they are beautiful!"

-"My cherry wood table was discolored from the sun, a few water rings also. I cleaned the table, restored the color, then added the finish. It looks like new!" Lori from Yakima, Wa.

-"I live in the Reno Nevada area and purchased a home that was only 3 years old and the kitchen cabinets were so dry I thought we were going to have to refinish them. I attended the Reno Home Show and found your products to clean and moisturize the cabinets. I cleaned and let the Beeswax set overnight and the next day wiped them down with a towel and they looked like I had them refinished by a professional! Thanks for such great products." Sally S. Reno NV.

-"We use your wood cleaner because there is no slippery residue when we dust the hard wood floors in our adult care home. We have to be extra careful! Thanks" - Melanie, Long Beach Ca.
-One quart covers approx 1000 square feet of wood surface

-Directions for use: If the wood has a residue build-up spray directly on the wood surface

-For general dusting spray the dust cloth or mop once or twice and dust the entire room. Contains no silicone or wax.

Never use products containing silicone or linseed oil on your precious wood finishes! Click here to find out why!

Touch of Oranges 32oz
Touch of Oranges 32oz
Buy 2 for $39.77