Ultimate Car Duster and Maintenance Kit

This detailing kit contains three special dusters, designed to quickly and efficiently remove dust from the interior and exterior of your car and from countless home surfaces.

Ultimate Car Duster Kit

The Ultimate Car Duster Kit features Super soft microfiber dash duster for consoles and cargo areas. Safe for all surfaces. This kit also comes with a large car duster for cars, trucks, RV's and boats. Also included is a microfiber Chenille Scrubber 2 in 1 wash mitt or scrub pad. Safe to use on paint surfaces as well as glass and metal. It leaves behind a just-washed look with very little effort and no water. The Dash Duster has the same unique dust capturing properties in a size convenient for interior touch ups and a wedge shape that easily cleans hard-to-reach areas. Both dusters are long-lasting, built for years of use, and are safe and non-toxic. Foam handle for unbreakable use, sturdy with convenient carrying pouch.

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