Pool Mineral Remover, Snaps into Telescope Poles

Use our fabulous pool mineral remover to remove white mineral buildup on your pool tile. Cleans where chemicals fail. Removes lime, rust, stains and algae deposits from ceramic tile, molded and pneumatic formed concrete surface pools and spas. No need to drain pool. Chemically neutral. Won’t upset pH balance. Works through abrasive action. Ready to use. No gloves or applicators needed. Sizes for spot, surface and under water cleaning. The pole adapter fits all standard telescopic poles. Safe for skin. Safe around children and pets.

Remove Mineral Buildup on Pool Tile

The great aspect of this product is that you do not need to drain the water in the pool to remove the mineral buildup. The Pumice Stone will not effect the PH balance of your pool water. Feel safe using this product that is recommended by pool cleaning professionals.

Remove rust, lime, algae deposits from pools and spas. Reinforced stone snaps into a standard telescope poles. Quickly shapes to curved or flat surfaces.

Dip the end on the Pumice Stone into the water, locate the areas of the pool that need cleaned, and watch the magic happen.

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