Multi Use Cleaning Chamois

Super Chammy WOW! These cloths quickly absorb 10 times their weight in any liquid. You will no longer need to buy paper towels! 260 Gram Weight. These are not a leather Chamois!

This Set comes with 4 Large 20x27 Chamois and 6 Small Kitchen Chamois. You can also buy the Chamois individually.

How They Work: Made in Germany, using a unique 100% synthetic rayon material that is extremely absorbent, machine washable and soft drying. This non-woven viscose material is what makes the shammy such a versatile cleaning cloth. An air spun process is used to create thousands of micro-pores like a very fine sponge. These tiny pores allow the shammy to suck up an amazing amount of liquid and hold it in.

INSIDE: Use the man made shammy to wash and dry dishes, pots & pans, counter tops, stoves, shower wall, tile, fiberglass, windows, dry sweaters, hair, pets, etc.

OUTSIDE: Dry cars, boats, RV's, pool area, hot tubs, camping, travel. Give the kids one as a towel around the pool.

HOUSEHOLD USES: Spills in the kitchen, bathroom, carpets, pet accidents. Use for dish cloths, windows, wipe down shower walls, tile, fiberglass, granite, marble and all stone surfaces. Safe to use household bleach and cleaners.

A must for camping, swimming, any sporting event. Raise any liquid from any surfaces. Holds 10 times its weight in any liquid. Save hundreds of dollars a year on paper towels. Use as a dish cloth. Dry sweaters and hand-washables in half the time. Dry cats and dogs or any animal after bathing. Great for traveling to dry delicate under garments.

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