Citrus Shield Colored Paste Wax

Color Options- Golden Oak, Walnut, Dark Oak, Mahogany

Wood finishing with Howard Products Citrus Shield color paste wax, 5 colors!

Citrus Shield Premium Color Paste Wax, are available in 5 popular colors plus neutral.

Contains orange oil, seven natural waxes, special UV shield, 5 popular colors, top coat for wood, antiques, wood restoration, wood care, wood wax,

Helps clean surfaces and easily rejuvenate color plus provides protection all with one product all at one time.

Hardwood Floors: Paste Wax is the easiest to apply, least expensive, fastest drying, easiest to repair. Wax over a penetrating stain, and the stain is in the wood so you wear the wood, not the finish. Wax is spread in thin coats for a surface protection after the stain and/or sealer is applied, then buffed to the desired sheen.

Take a moment to notice your wood surfaces with a new perspective. You can clean, rejuvenate and best of all, protect them from now on. Enjoy your antiques, furniture, cabinets, paneling, counter tops and wood floors plus much more.

Citrus Shield Color Paste Wax conveniently combines the cleaning power of real orange oil with penetrating stain and the finest pure brazilian carnauba wax available to give you an easy-to-use paste wax that cleans, enhances and protects with a brilliant long-lasting shine.

  • Golden Oak – for light brown shades
  • Walnut – for medium brown shades
  • Dark Oak – for dark brown shades
  • Mahogany – for reddish brown shades
  • Neutral - 

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