Chamois, Super Absorbent Towel

Try our Chamois super absorbent towel for all your cleaning needs. 

This set comes with four 20 x 27 different color chamois towels yellow, teal, blue and orange

Get your surfaces perfectly dry with this original 260-gram shammy cloth made in Germany using 100% viscose/ rayon. It's specially spun with warm air to make it 20 times more absorbent than any other cleaning chamois on the market, holding up to 50 times its weight without dripping.

Replace paper towel & kitchen dish towels. You can quickly clean windows, counters, spills on the floor or carpet. And unlike microfiber cloths that can trap dirt and cause fine scratches on sensitive surfaces, this chamois leaves your surfaces completely scratch-free.

These absorbent dish towels have many different uses around the house and outside. Use as a chamois swim towel, absorbent hair towel, a cleaning chamois. 

Super Absorbent Towel, Chamois Towel, Swim Towel Chamois

  1. Wash before you use them
  2. When drying the car, use wet, folded, wipe in one direction
  3. Always use wet, they work by capillary action, this means they are able to absorb liquid when when, sucking action.
  4. Cut them for kitchen use.
  5. Keep out of the dryer. Super Absorbent Towel, Dish Towels Absorbent,

These cleaning chamois will not unravel and can be machine washed when dirty. Because of the weight of these high quality super absorbent towels, you can use them for years before they wear out. Save money on buying paper towels and replace them with these cleaning chamois.

These chamois towels are 20 x 27 and can be cut into quarters for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. 

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