Husky Grill and Oven Cleaner

Grill and Oven Cleaner

High foaming liquid oven and grill cleaner designed to quickly penetrate and liquefy baked-on food, grease, and carbon deposits found in commercial and industrial ovens and barbecue grills. May also be used to clean deep fat fryers and baskets.

Oven Cleaning Instructions

Apply product to the bottom of the oven, then sides and top evenly. Allow product to stand 10 minutes in warm oven, or 25 minutes in cold oven before gently agitating with a synthetic pad or brush. Wipe surface, removing major soil and then thoroughly rinse all surfaces with potable water. Stubborn, thoroughly baked on food and carbon deposits may require additional application. Once oven is completely clean, thoroughly rinse and then heat oven to 220° for 10 minutes before cooking additional foods.

Grill Cleaning Instructions

Apply product onto grill and let soak into soil for 3 minutes. Then lightly agitate surface with grill screen. Remove excess grease and food from grease trough and wipe clean with cloth. Thoroughly rinse grill plates and all surfaces completely with hot water and replace parts.

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