Pool Block Clean Mineral Buildup On Pool Tile

Clean Mineral Buildup On you Pool Tile with ease. Cleans where chemicals fail. Removes lime, rust, stains and algae deposits from ceramic tile, molded and pneumatic formed concrete surface pools and spas. No need to drain pool. Chemically neutral. Won’t upset pH balance. Works through abrasive action. Ready to use. No gloves or applicators needed. Sizes for spot, surface and under water cleaning. The pole adapter fits all standard telescopic poles. Safe for skin. Safe around children and pets.

Clean Pool Tile

Direction for use.

It floats! No need to drain pool. Pool Block is chemically neutral. Works fast as a surface lime remover. Cleans even when the strongest acid chemicals have failed. Ideal as a spot cleaner for rust marks, algae or leaf stains.

Pool Block quickly shapes to any surface. Wet, then rub stained or scaled surface until clean. Rinse surface. Effective when used with water or acid.

Dip the Pool Block in the water, find the areas that need to be cleaned, start scrubbing.

Note: If you catch the problem before it gets to be years of buildup, It Is much easier to maintain your pool tile. 

Do not use Pool Block on over glazed decorated tile, vinyl, fiberglass, wood or polished metal surfaces.

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