How to clean and maintain wooden blinds and mini blinds

Window covering cleaning tips
Window covering cleaning tips: How to clean and maintain wooden blinds and mini blinds.

Are you frustrated with those terrible looking blinds??? Don't Panic!! Save time and money by letting our Touch Of Oranges Wood Care Products do the job with ease.

We recommend first cleaning the dust off with a Magnet Duster.

Next, apply the Touch of Oranges Wood Care Cleaner to remove those tough fingerprints and restore that natural wood finish.

Our Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner is a moisturizing wood cleaner made with pure orange oil. It helps protect against drying and cracking and contains only the finest ingredients.

Simply spray Touch of Oranges Wood Cleaner on a clean dust cloth and dust your wood. For longtime buildup or to remove grease and grime spray directly on the wood let it set a few minutes, then wipe dry.

Wood surfaces need to be cleaned to remove old buildup from dirt and grime, lemon oils, aersols, etc.

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