Smart Chopper Hand-Operated Food Processor w/ Bonus Ginsu Knife

Smart Chopper Hand-Operated Food Processor  w/ Bonus Ginsu Knife
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The ultimate cutting machine and an incredible Smart Salsa Chopper with built in egg white separator and special handle. Recipe book included.
Product Description
Product Description
Bonus: Order today and receive a Free Ginsu Sharp Knife ($13.97 value)!

Our "Smart Chopper & Salsa Maker" is an incredible time saver. A easy turn of the handle and this "Smart Chopper" cuts, chops, mixes and even beats all types of vegetables, fruits and ingredients.

Chop onions, garlic, tomatoes, herbs, celery, parsley, eggs, nuts, chocolate, and more with this Quick Chopper. Chop cabbage for coleslaw, potatoes for hash browns, onions and celery for macaroni or potato salad with this Smart Chopper. This Salsa Chopper makes fresh salsa for 1/4 the cost of store bought brands-recipes included. Mix puddings, egg whites, whip toppings, and cake mixes.

And listen to how easy it is to clean: Rinse under hot water and dry.

Start enjoying an easier time in the kitchen today!
~16-page recipe book

~Stainless chopper blade

~Stainless beater blade

~Built-in egg white separator

"I don't have to take out my electric food processor for small jobs, this is more accessible!" Joseph from California

- Great for small jobs around the kitchen, egg salad, small chopping of onions, celery, pickles. Norleen, Oregon