Bring It On! Water Spot Remover

Bring It On! Water Spot Remover
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Bring-It-ON cleaner is guaranteed to quickly and easily remove hard water stains and soap scum from glass or tile or your money back. No Mixing! No Harsh Chemicals! No Gloves!

This product comes in two sizes: 32-ounce and 16-ounce.

Professional Window Cleaners, Housekeepers, Cleaning Services can save a bundle when they order by the case. Try our fabulous new Drill Pads and Brushes , for a fast and effective clean

Product Description
Product Description

What Sets Us Apart from other hard water stain removers? What is the difference in our product? Im glad you asked! Bring It On Cleaner has a formula like no other, we have added the power of an Oxygen Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, this helps to disinfect, deodorizes, helps to remove mold and mildew. Remove years of unwanted stains on fiberglass, shower pans, shower doors, tile and grout, glass, remove coffee and tea stains, but gentle enough for cleaning windows, windshields, even granite counter tops!

Now Available at Ace Hardware Stores, just ask!

Bring-It-ON Cleaner is guaranteed to quickly and easily remove hard water stains or your money back. You can have beautiful glass and tile again in no time when you use Bring-It-ON cleaner for your tough cleaning problems.

Finally! A solution to those frustrating stubborn hard water spots, stains, rust, soap scum and mineral deposits. Thousands of people are enjoying sparkling clear glass windows and tile surfaces that were once hopelessly filthy. They were amazed at how easy it was to remove weeks... months... even YEARS of built-up minerals and spots. Check out the testimonials!

How Does This Formula Work?The oxygen bleach tackles the outer layer of the minerals, as you scrub on the surface the mild abrasive plus the Oxygen Bleach base, very low PH formula attacks the rest of the minerals.

And now YOU are about to discover the secret that those people are now using to eliminate ugly spots for good!

Imagine your shower door or tile looking just like it did when it was brand new. No more water spots, soap scum, or build-up. Imagine it staying clean for months and months at a time. Doesn't that feel great?

"Bring It On" is guaranteed to remove stains quickly and easily or your money back. Why are we so confident? It is because over 99% of the people who purchase it are happy with the results!

Bring-It-ON! is recommended by America's most listened-to Home Improvement radio talk show host, Gary Sullivan. Gary recommends the Bring It On Cleaner when customers call in for solutions to their problem areas! He has tried it himself!

Vicki's Tip: For *extremely* stubborn stains, let the Bring It On stay on the surface for 10-30 minutes or longer to give the product more time to break those chemical bonds.

Labor saving tip!After using our Bring It ON! It Really Works! Water Spot Remover, apply our Pro-tect Shield Sealant; it provides durable protection, fills pores and forms a durable high gloss shield with silicone so water sheets off the surface and the minerals don't buildup. Use every 4-6 weeks, you won't have to use the water spot remover as often. Click here for more information on our Pro-tect Shield.

Bring It On Cleaner is a professional strength cleaner recommended by both glazing contractors and professional window cleaning companies. It is successfully used in hospitals, nursing homes, manufacturing plants, hotels, supermarkets and other public facilities with difficult to clean surfaces.

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Do you have questions about Bring-It-ON Cleaner? Or a testimonial? How about before and after photos of your cleaning project? Then please visit the Bring-It-ON page on Facebook. Click here!
Bring-It-ON contains a jewelers-grade light abrasive to remove tough stains without damage to the underlying surface.

- It also contains an oxygen-bleach disinfectant to quickly kill odor causing bacteria.

- It removes deposits caused by manganese, lime, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals.

- It removes oxidation deposits and rust.

- It removes tree sap, grease, oil, soap scum and mildew.

- It has a pleasant mint fragrance.

- Removes hard water spots, rust, mold, mildew, mineral deposits, oxidation, crusty build-up, film, soap scum, lime scale, calcium, organic stains, alkali, salt spray, well water stains, and much more.

- Works on glass, tile, porcelain, stainless steel, Corian, aluminum, chrome and fiberglass.

- Especially designed to eliminate water spots on glass shower doors.

- Cleans showers, floors, counter tops, toilets, windows, faucets, fixtures, sinks, tubs, stove tops, ovens, BBQ grills, pots and pans.

- Outdoor uses include car windows, pool tile, outside glass patio furniture, BBQ's and windows.

- Contains oxygen bleach, an amazing and effective cleaning compound. For more information on oxygen bleach, click here.

- 12 years of research was needed to find the chemical combination that dissolves the molecular bonds that keep tough stains attached to surfaces.

- Mint fragrance

- Disinfectant helps deodorize

- Unconditional money-back guarantee
- You'll once again have glass, fiberglass or tile that you WANT your family, friends and neighbors to see.

- It works FAST. You'll have time to enjoy your life instead of cleaning things!

- It is EFFECTIVE. No need for exhaustive scrubbing. No more aches and pains the day after cleaning.

- It is SIMPLE to use: Wipe on, let set for 10 minutes or more, scrub off and rinse clean.

- It leaves behind a pleasant, invigorating, MINTY-FRESH fragrance.

- It's SAFE. You'll breathe easily, because there are NO dangerous fumes, and no gloves or goggles are required.

- It's READY to use right now. No messy or inconsistent mixing of powders or chemicals to waste your time, and possibly hurt your health.

- You'll have the PEACE OF MIND of knowing that you haven't wasted your money and time on products that just don't work!

- When your bathroom is clean it will make you HAPPY!

- Stay HEALTHY! No gloves are needed, so you will feel safe and secure in knowing that this formula will not hurt your hands!

- Your home will have that fresh and clean SCENT. Bring-It-ON eliminates disgusting odors!

- The results are simply BEAUTIFUL!

- There was an ad in the Ace Hardware Flyer, bought the product and I cleaned my shower door spotless.

Brenda Auburn CA.

- I just bought this amazing product at Ace Hardware in Sacramento, Ca. I toke it home, I have been trying to clean an outside window for years, with everything on the store shelves, nothing would cut the hard minerals, Bring It On Cleaner removed them in minutes, must be the Oxygen Bleach that is in the formula!, Amazing, thank you for a great cleaner! Gale Elk Grove, Ca

- "I live in Las Vegas where the water is extremely hard. Bring-It-ON Cleaner removed YEARS worth of hard water deposits from my shower doors! It is the most amazing product I have ever used! Thanks Touch of Oranges!!" Elizabeth Las Vegas Nevada

- "The stain remover works better than anything else I have tried to remove the hard water spots from my shower doors. Plus it doesn't seem to take the sealant off the stone in the shower like the vinegar did." Jamie M

- "The intial order was acknowledged immediately and delivery cost confirmed. The product arrived within a few days thereafter, considerably better than some overseas companies I have had deliveries from. The product itself surprisingly performed exactly as claimed, a very nice surprise. I will be placing more orders for this product in the near future." Kath J, Toowoomba Queensland, Australia

- "The product works wonders on my shower doors! I was amazed at the quick delivery from the time of order!" Judy

- "The product was excellent and worked as promised on hard water stains. My windows are so beautiful!" Terry B.

- I saw your product mentioned in the Las Vegas Review in one of their home and garden sections. I used your Bring-It-ON for my family room window which was encrusted with scale from our sprinkler system. I hoped it would work because I had tried all the traditional remedies without success. Frankly, I did not expect the product to work real well but would have been happy if it just helped. In fact, it cleaned just as you said it would. It wasn't even hard work. Too bad all products you purchase don't work as well as this one. I am buying these two packages for family members. Thanks for doing what you say you will. Scott, Reno Nevada

- "Wow! What a product! I am only sorry I didn't take a picture of my 50 year old windows before I used the Bring-It-ON cleaner. Truly amazing and I really enjoy the windows again. (They are living a second life framed outside in the south end of our patio during the winter months) Thanks for a great product!" Marianne, Medford, OR

- "We came across this product at the ISSA International Cleaning Show in Orlando Florida in October 2007. We were so impressed with the results we now carry this product in our Janitorial Supply House for our wholesale customers."

- "I have a window washing business in Los Angeles, Ca. washing windows on tall buildings. I came across this product and sent for a sample, now I buy the product by the cases! A little elbow grease on some of the windows, but they are spotless!"

- "I looked up your product after I used a sample left by the builder. It worked great!" Jaclyn, Meridian, ID

- "Just love the cleaner for the shower and the spray shine to put on after. My showers & glass doors have never looked so good and it lasts for a long time!" Gayle A.

- "Wow, it really works! Im chemically sensitive and I was able to tolerate this product. Years of mineral deposit on my shower door magically disappeared. I will definitely buy more and try your other products!" Elizabeth H.

- "I have been searching for a cleaner to remove hard water spots and mineral deposits. I have a clear glass shower and have tried everything from calcium and lime removers to Brillo pads! I have spent upwards of two hours trying to get my shower clean [which for me means looking like new]. It only took me 45 minutes to clean my shower last night. I can't wait to fully use the protectant, it worked very well on the one pane I put it on." Danielle B.

- "Bring-It-ON really does remove the hazy white film from the tiles in my shower enclosure. This is the first time I've seen them shine in years. Thank You." Gerald G.

- "I originally saw this product in a newspaper ad. This is our second order as this stuff actually works." Patricia Homer. AK.

- "We have never found anything to clean the dozens of hotel room bathrooms at our Resort daily. This product cleans our 80 glass shower doors, sinks and faucets spotless. This product actually works! We now order by the cases." - The Carneros Inn Resort, Napa Ca.
- Directions for use: Use sparingly; lightly moisten a cloth or sponge, use a small amount. Rub firmly in a circular motion on a dry surface until area is clean. On tough areas let it set for up to 1 hour. Repeat if necessary. Work a 2-3 inch area at a time. Rinse with warm water. For tough jobs, refer to directions on the back of the jar.

- How does this formula work? The oxygen bleach tackles to outer layer of the minerals, as you scrub on the surface the mild abrasive plus the acid base, very low PH formula attacks the rest of the minerals.

- MSDS: To download the Materials Safety Data Sheet for Bring it ON, click here.

- For large areas or tough spots a hand held buffer or palm sander can be used. We like the Black & Decker FS-500 or FS-600G.

Bring It On is VERY powerful. Always test it on an inconspicuous spot before applying it to an entire surface!