12-foot Extension Duster Rod / free Duster

12-foot Extension  Duster Rod / free Duster
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Perfect for high ceilings and hard to reach places like skylights, ceiling fans, hanging plants, shutters and windows. This 12-foot Telescoping rod with Magnetic Duster will reach 20-foot ceilings.
Product Description
Product Description
Bonus: Order today and receive a free Magnetic Duster!

You can easily dust the corners of 20-foot cathedral or vaulted ceiling with our Telescoping Extension Magnetic Duster Rod with Free Magnetic Duster. Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor while you remove dust, dirt, and cobwebs from high ceilings and hard to reach places, skylights, ceiling fans, hanging plants and more.

The Magnetic Duster is made with gentle 100% nylon fibers. Simply collect dust, take it outside and shake it off. Static electricity attracts dust like nothing else. Magnetic Dusters are made of washable fibers, 100% nylon. Wash Magnetic Dusters with mild dish soap when finished dusting, let air-dry.

As seen at Home Shows and Fairs as the "Amazing Magna Duster".
- 12 foot fully extended, collapses to 4' 6"

- Heavy-duty construction, yet lightweight.

- Anodized aluminum prevents corrosion.

- Universal rod fits other attachments.

- Fluted for strength and better gripping when wet.

- 100% nylon duster

- Convenient hanger hole

- Washable duster

- Reaches up to 20 feet with duster attachment length and your height added to it.

- Safety. Eliminates the need for ladders.
"Great product, I don't worry about falling off the ladder anymore when I dust my 16 foot ceiling fans!" - Melanie Medford, OR.

-"Good company to work with, great customer service! Shelly Fresno, Ca.

-"This is the first extension rod I have found that is so versatile! I can dust my 17 foot ceilings and ajust the rod to clean my ceiling fans after".

-Bought this from a fair years ago, love it and wanted to buy one for my mom and friend so I googled "How to dust high ceilings" and there it was! Sheryl Pleasanton, Ca.

-I have these very high bookshelves in my den area, this is the only long extension that I have found that keeps the shelves clean! Great for ceiling fans also! Becky Del Mar, Ca.

-Very hard to find a long handle extension rod to reach my high cathedral ceilings, saw this at the Sacramento Home Show in January 2010 this year, bought one for myself and went back the next day and bought three more sets for my kids! Good quality product! Kim Granite Bay Ca.

-No more getting on my ladder to clean the fan blades, love the product. Alice Kenniwick WA.

-"I searched the internet for hours looking for a good extension rod for my 18 foot ceiling, when I found this heavy duty rod I purchased 2 of them just in case I coundn't find them again. Very prompt service and will definitely order again from them very soon."

- "Good company to work with, my order arrived within a week." Mickey Sacramento, Ca.

- "I had purchased one of these extensions years ago at a home and garden show in Reno Nevada, it lasted me about 8 years, time for a new one, good product!" Jody- Carson City, Nevada

- "Excellent store rating." Wendy Orlando, Fl.

To 'charge' your Magnetic Duster, to set up a static charge for attracting dust automatically to the Magnetic Duster, simply rub the Magnetic Duster briskly with a soft cloth, in an up and down motion. (Do not use any cloth with fabric softener on them, nor paper towels, they will not ‘charge’ the Magnetic Duster.)